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Nasser Al-Khadri


Nasser Al-Khadri

Nuclear Medicine Resident

Doctoral thesis

Diagnostic gain of radioiodine therapy after total thyroidectomy of differentiated thyroid carcinomas in relation to current ATA and ETA guidelines.
Expected completion: spring/mid 2022.

Since 03/2021

Resident at the Curanosticum / Practice for Nuclear Medicine Dr. Müller/Dr. Landvogt, Wiesbaden.

 09/2019 – 09/2020

Resident at the practice for nuclear medicine Prof. Dr. Dr. Menzel at the Horst Schmidt Clinics Wiesbaden (HSK).

 09/2017 – 08/2019

Resident at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital Ulm, including a six month rotation in the CT department of the Institute of Radiology at the University Hospital Ulm. 


Study of human medicine at the University of Rostock.