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Kidney scintigraphy

Figure: the renal scintigram shows a normal finding.

Figure: the renal scintigram shows a normal finding.

Renal scintigraphy is a nuclear medical examination, which can be used to detect pathological changes in the kidneys. Thereto we will inject you a small amount of a low-radiation marker substance, which accumulates in the kidneys and emits radiation. According to the functional condition of the kidneys, the substance is excreted into the bladder via the ureters. This process is continuously tracked by a gamma camera in images (scintigrams).

The examination permits to draw conclusions about the blood flow, the function and urine flow of both kidneys and might be necessary in case of unexplained hypertension, in cases of urinary stasis (e.g., kidney stone), in congenital obstructive urinary flow disorders, in cases of tumours, impaired renal function, and after kidney transplantation.


Examination procedure

First, a small amount of a low-radiation marker substance is injected. After a while it accumulates in the kidneys.

The substances used are very well tolerated; allergic reactions are not known. The radiation load is low and quickly degraded.

A gamma camera records pictures of the kidney, which takes about thirty to forty-five minutes. During the examination, your blood will be collected and maybe you will get injected a diuretic.

The examination takes about an hour.


Preparation before and after the examination

Prior to the examination, please drink at least a half to one litre water.

You may have some meals before the examination.

If it is necessary to clarify a hypertension, you might need to discontinue some medication. If this is the case, we will discuss it with you or the referring physician.

We will send the examination results to your treating physician as soon as possible. He will then contact you to discuss the results as well as the possibility of a treatment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you any further questions!